UK Agriculture Policy: Sustainability in post-Brexit Britain


The triggering of Article 50 and the process of Brexit have brought opportunities to redevelop key policy areas. One such area is British agriculture, which since 1962 has been compliant with the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy. It aimed at ensuring the sector’s growth in compliance with animal welfare, food safety and environmental protection. Nevertheless, the Policy was not free from criticism, with most focusing on the role and effect of subsidies. The Agriculture Bill 2017-19 signifies the beginning of the transition towards a UK Agriculture Policy and the forthcoming withdrawal from the Common Agricultural Policy. This will provide an exceptional opportunity for British policy makers, industry experts, stakeholders and academics to rethink environmental policies, food safety regulations and to reconsider the interests of farmers and consumers. This timely conference will bring together prominent academics, policy makers, media representatives and stakeholders to discuss critical issues impacting immigration work force, environmental protection and food production in post-Brexit Britain.

Confirmed Speakers (alphabetical order)

Dr Matthew Bell – Sustainability of Farming Systems – School of Biosciences, University of Nottingham

Dr Aleksandra Cavoski  Senior Lecturer in Law, Environmental Law and Policy, University of Birmingham

Professor Berkeley Hill, Emeritus – Agricultural Policy and Agricultural Economics, Imperial College London

Dr Brian Jack – Lecturer in Law, Environmental Law, EU Law, Rural Development, Queen’s University Belfast

Professor Robert Lee – Environmental Law and Policy, Environmental legislation, Regulation of technologies, University of Birmingham

Dr Ludivine Petetin – Lecturer in Law, Food Security, Agri-technology, Sustainable Agriculture, Rural Development, University of Cardiff

Mr Guy Smith – NFU Deputy President

More detailed information on this free event here and the link for registration.

Event Details

Location: Leicester
Date: 03/05/2019
Co-ordinated by: Dr Irene Antonopoulos (Leicester De Montfort School of Law), 09:30 - 17:30

Address: Hugh Aston Atrium Hugh Aston Building Leicester LE1 9BH