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This page shows offers from researchers interested in collaboration. To find an offer, you can look through the whole list below or use the drop-down menus to select by discipline, research area, role in the project and call opportunity. By clicking on the name of the researcher, you will find more information and contact detail. After you identify a potential partner, please contact them directly to discuss your ideas. If you find that a discussion forum could help in these discussions, we can create one for you. Please contact us on

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Suneel Kunamaneni
Leeds Beckett University

Leeds Beckett University and University of Calcutta have jointly won a £50k funding from UK India Education and Research Initiative towards “Fostering Entrepreneurship for Sustainable and Inclusive Agri-Food Innovation” Project Goals • To conduct research on agri-entrepreneurship capabilities in India and UK. • To develop combined strategies for stimulating agri-entrepreneurship…

Savi Maharaj
University of Stirling

I am a computer scientist with expertise in agent-based computational modelling, and serious games for science education and public engagement. Research examples include modelling farmers’ behaviour in response to payment schemes for ecosystem services, and using apps for public engagement with tree pests and pathogens. I am also trying to…

Dr. Dileswar Nayak
Navsari Agricultural University

Agroforestry, Climate change, Remote sensing

Theo Demmers
Royal Veterinary College

interested to work within collaborative projects requiring input in the area of precision livestock farming and/or emissions from livestock production.

Lesley Macheka
Chinhoyi University of Technology

Willing to collaborate on research focusing on food and nutritional security in developing countries, and food safety.

Suzanne Higgins
Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute

I am a Soil Scientist and member of the Institute of Professional Soil Scientists (M.I. Soil Sci.). I have expertise in soil nutrient management with a particular interest in the use of precision technology to optimise production while minimising nutrient losses to the environment.

Frances Harris
University of Hertfordshire

Over 25 years in academia, my research has covered a range of topics. The common thread in all my research has been transdisciplinary research processes and co-learning between academics and practitioners, engaging beyond the academy to stakeholders, businesses and policy makers. My research has been funded by government (DEFRA, DFID),…

Teddy Kizza
National Agricultural Research Organisation

Agricultural Research

Mark Brewer
Biomathematics and Statistics Scotland (BioSS)

BioSS is a research and consultancy organisation specialising in statistical and mathematical modelling as applied to agriculture, food, the rural economy and the environment. BioSS is unique in the UK for combining in a single organisation a wide breadth both of methodological expertise and of experience in the application of…

Baltazar Josephat
Nelson Mandela African Institution of Science and Technology

Research opportunity

Dr Paul Newell Price

Interested in application of soil science to sustainable intensification and the delivery of ecosystem services through land management and land use change.

Dr John Tzilivakis
Agriculture and the Environment Research Unit (AERU), University of Hertfordshire

The Agriculture and the Environment Research Unit (AERU) at the University of Hertfordshire is a research and consultancy team specialising in agri-environmental science and whole farm sustainability assessments. AERU was established in 1994 and has completed a wide variety of research, consultancy and technology transfer projects. These include developing software,…

Million Gebreyes
International Livestock Research Institute

I am engaged in an ongoing sustainable intensification research projects, mainly facilitating social learning alliance and innovation platforms for sustainable intensification. If you want to use our alliance and innovation platforms to reach to decision makers and farmers in Ethiopia with sustainable intensification ideas, we are open for partnership.

Sabato Paul Owino
Universal College of Africa

INTRODUCTION Universal College of Africa (UCA) is a training institution that provides tertiary education with dynamism and a touch of excellence. As an institution dedicated to the highest standards of teaching and learning, UCA intends to provide unequalled training in all courses that will serve the students for a lifetime,…

Leonard Rusinamhodzi

Crop and Systems modeller with a strong background in soil science and agronomy. Deeper understanding of the barriers of food systems in East and Southern Africa. Experienced in climate change and crop productivity modelling in smallholder systems in ESA.

Professor Liz Baggs
University of Edinburgh

I offer expertise in soil fertility, plant-soil-microbe interactions, greenhouse gas emissions, soil microbiology and stable isotope techniques. I bring 20 years experience of research in temperate and tropical agricultural systems, leadership and strategy.

Christian Keambou Tiambo

The Key cross cutting issues proposed by our CoP on local chicken research include: Gene discovery, Marker Assisted selection for productivity and disease control, Conservation, breeding and dissemination, Sustainability and environmentally-friendly production systems, etc. The collaborative interventions across sub-saharan african countries include support and aligning research to the different NARS…

Eric Agoyi
University of Abomey-calavi

I offer plant breeding and biotechnology

Emmanuel Afutu (Ph.D)
University of Cape Coast

Seed Science, Plant Breeding and Biotechnology

Geoffrey Onaga
International Rice Research Institute

Increasing resilience of rice production to rice yellow mottle virus (RYMV) and other diseases in East Africa The project will focus on five working packages (WPs); i) Investigating how environmental factors influence pathogen dynamics, ii) developing broad spectrum and durable disease resistance in rice using genome editing tools, iii) identifying…

Roger Pelle
International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI)

Populations molecular diversity and distribution Molecular epidemiology Diagnostics One health and food and feed safety Capacity building